Abraham & Lot se separant

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Abraham & Lot se separant


Representation of the separation of Abrahma and Lot, from the book Genesis


ca. 1729


Covens/ Mortier (1685-1740)

Jean Covens und Corneille Mortier where brothers in law, who continued the bussines, founded of Pierre Mortier in 1685 in Amsterdam. They called it Covens & Mortier. They extended their buissines in buying the company of De Witt.

Historical Description

Since both Judaism, Christianity and Islam refer to Abraham as their progenitor, they are also called the three Abrahamic (world) religions. Abram's father, Tharah, leaves his Chaldean hometown of Ur with Abram and his wife, Sarai, and his grandson, Lot, who is from his son, Haran, and so comes to the city of Haran, where they settle. So Abram, later renamed Abraham, moves from Haran to a land promised to him and his descendants, Canaan. Accompanying him are his wife Sarai (later called Sarah) and his family, and his nephew Lot with his family. After a stay in Egypt due to drought, Abram and Lot separate to avoid conflict over grazing grounds. Lot settles in the valley of Sodom.

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