Abfahrt von Kalkutta.

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Abfahrt von Kalkutta.


Nice and detailed total view of the city Calcutta at the Hugli river at the Ganges Delta in India.


ca. 1880



Historical Description

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.In the late 17th century, the three villages that predated Calcutta were ruled by the Nawab of Bengal under Mughal suzerainty. After the Nawab granted the East India Company a trading licence in 1690,the area was developed by the Company into an increasingly fortified trading post. Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah occupied Calcutta in 1756, and the East India Company retook it the following year. In 1793 the East India company was strong enough to abolish Nizamat (local rule), and assumed full sovereignty of the region.

Place of Publication Germany
Dimensions (cm)9 x 11 cm
ConditionPerfect condition
TechniqueWood engraving


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