a Son altesse Serensissime Monseigneur Eugene Francois,..

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a Son altesse Serensissime Monseigneur Eugene Francois,..


Representation of the coat of arms by B. Picart. Two lions serve as heraldic holders. This page is dedicated to Eugene Francois, Prince of Savoy and Piedmont. From 'Atlas Historique.' published by Zacharie Chatelain, Amsterdam.


c. 1719


Picart (1673-1733)

Bernard Picart (also Pikahr) (1673-1733) was a French engraver and book illustrator. In 696 he went to the Academy in Antwerp and in 1698 to Amsterdam, where he worked as a book illustrator. His most distinguished works include the portrait of his father, Prince Eugene, the child murder and the engravings for the Traité des cérémonies religieuses de toutes les nations. His engravings of the gems in the collection of Baron von Stosch, which, unlike other works of the time, were very faithful to the original, are also known.

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