A Perspective View of that great City, Canton, in China.

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A Perspective View of that great City, Canton, in China.


View of Guangzhou (Kanton, Canton), detailed view of all houses and streets.


ca. 1760



Historical Description

Guangzhou is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. Panyu was established on the east bank of the Pearl River.The Old Book of Tang described Guangzhou as an important port in southern China. Incorporated into the Han Empire, Panyu became a provincial capital. From 1699 to 1714, the French and British East India Companies sent a ship or two each year. The first independent American ship arrived in 1784 and the first colonial Australian one in 1788.[citation needed] By that time, Guangzhou was one of the world's great ports, organised under the Canton System. The main exports were tea and porcelain. As a meeting place of merchants from all over the world, Guangzhou became a major contributor to the rise of the modern global economy.

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