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A map exhibiting the Retreat of the french army from Mocow to Paris

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Artist Bowyer (1758-1834)
Robert Bowyer ( 1758 - 1834) was an english painter and publisher. As a student of John Smart, he exhibited his works 1782 in the Society of Artirts and 1783 in the Royal Academy. In 1790 her started to iussue his first prints.
Title A map exhibiting the Retreat of the french army from Mocow to Paris
Year dated 1815
Description Map shows 3 inset maps showing Russia with Moscow, Witebsk, Minsk and Wilna, Tchechoslovakia with Prag and Germany with Danzig and France and Germany witht Paris, Straßburg and Leipzig
The concept of Germany as a distinct region in central Europe can be traced to Roman commander Julius Caesar, who referred to the unconquered area east of the Rhine as Germania, thus distinguishing it from Gaul (France), which he had conquered. In the High Middle Ages, the regional dukes, princes and bishops gained power at the expense of the emperors. Martin Luther led the Protestant Reformationagainst the Catholic Church after 1517, as the northern states became Protestant, while the southern states remained Catholic. The two parts of the Holy Roman Empire clashed in the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648). 1648 marked the effective end of the Holy Roman Empire and the beginning of the modern nation-state system, with Germany divided into numerous independent states, such as Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony.
Place of Publication London
Dimensions (cm)38,5 x 25,5
ConditionVery good
TechniqueSteel engraving


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