1. Flota de Guerra en Nueva Zelanda. 2. Vista de la Bahia de las Islas.

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1. Flota de Guerra en Nueva Zelanda. 2. Vista de la Bahia de las Islas.


2 views on one sheet. 1. The bay of f Isles (spanish: Bahia de las Islas) in South Georgia and ships fleets near New Zeeland.


ca. 1850


Sainson de

Historical Description

South Georgia is also the name of another island and the name of the archipelago to which it belongs. The area is covered by the South Sandwich Islands and, like the Falkland Islands, by Argentina. South Georgia became an agent in April 1675 by the English merchant Anthony de la Roché. This got off Cape Horn in the right weather and was drifted far off course. He sighted a vast, mountainous country with deep bays, which was then called Roche Island on old historical maps. Due to its geographical location, it can only have interests in South Georgia. In 1756 the island was owned by the permanent navigator Nicolas Pierre Duclos-Guyot (1722–1794). In 1775 they were sighted by the English navigator James Cook, who belonged to the HMS Resolution on January 17th in a bay and named them Possession Bay. Koch mapped part of the coastline and sailed on to the southern tip of the island, which he then paid Cape disappointment because he now realized that this island (South Georgia) cannot be the Antarctic continent that he was actually after. Cook then means "island of Georgia" in honor of King George III.

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