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Viro Antiqua domo Generoso ac Nobili: Omni Virtute pollenti..

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Artist Cluverus (Clüver) (1580-1622)
Philipp Clüver (Philippus Cluverius) 1580- 1622 was an Early Modern German geographer and historian. Clüver was an antiquary, who was given a special appointment at Leiden as geographer and put in charge of the university's library, but his life's project, it developed, was a general study of the geography of Antiquity, based not only on classical literary sources, but — and this was his contribution — supplemented by wide travels and local inspections. He became virtually the founder of historical geography. Clüver's Germaniae antiquae libri tres (Leiden, 1616) depends on Tacitus and other Latin authors. A volume on the antiquities of Sicily, with notes on Sardinia and Corsica (Sicilia Antiqua cum minoribus insulis ei adjacentibus item Sardinia et Corsica), published at Leiden by Louis Elsevier in 1619, is a useful source, with many reference from writers of Antiquity and maps that are often detached and sold to map collectors.
Title Viro Antiqua domo Generoso ac Nobili: Omni Virtute pollenti..
Year dated 1603
Decorative map of Italy with the Islands of Sardegnia and Corsica, not text on reverse.
Place of Publication Leiden
Dimensions (cm)36 x 49
ConditionSome minor repairs
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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