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Nouvelle Mappe Monde de dièe au progrès de nos connoissances.

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Artist Santini
Francois [Francesco] Santini was an Italian cartographer and map publisher based in Venice. He re-issued the works of Robert de Vaugondy, Homann’s Heirs and De L’Isle. At this time, cartography in Italy was commercialy very slow, so Santini, essentially a publisher rather than a map-maker modelled his work on two of the leading practitioners of cartography in Europe, the French map-makers Gilles and Didier Robert de Vaugondy. Their “Atlas Universel” was first published in 1758, and was much re-issued there after. The atlas was a commercial and cartographic success, with widespread influence on map-makers throughout Europe, most notably on Santini, who commissioned a new set of plates, published in 1776, being almost exact copies of the original French maps
Title Nouvelle Mappe Monde de dièe au progrès de nos connoissances.
Year c. 1784
Impressive and unusual map in a DualPolar projection of the world in two hemispheres.This map was originally drawn by Nicholas-Antoine Boulanger and published in Paris by Chez R. J. Julien in 1753. It is allegorical surrounded, the conitnents are very detailed engraved.When Boulanger originally drew this map, the Northern Pacific region was largely unexplored and its geographical deportment a subject of hot debate in the scientific academies of London, Paris, and St. Petersburg.
Place of Publication Venice
Dimensions (cm)46 x 64
ConditionPerfect condition
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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