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Koppenhaven de hoofstatdt van Denemarken en..

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Artist Schenk (1660-1718)
Petrus Schenck, (1660 – 1711) was a German engraver and cartographer active in Amsterdam and Leipzig. Valck was married to Maria Bloteling, the sister of the Amsterdam engraver Abraham Bloteling. In 1687 Schenk married Gerard's sister Agatha Valck. In 1694, together with Valck, he bought some of the copperplates of the artdealer and cartographer Johannes Janssonius. Along with Valck and Bloteling, he produced prints for the London market, though it is not known if he ever went there with them.
Title Koppenhaven de hoofstatdt van Denemarken en..
Year ca. 1680
Description Map shows a beautiful total view of Coppenhagen, the capital and most populated city of Denmark. It is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand, 42 km northwest of Malmö, Sweden and 164 km northeast of Odense. The city stretches across parts of the island of Amager and also contains the enclave of Frederiksberg, a municipality in its own right.
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Dimensions (cm)21 x 26
ConditionPerfect condition
TechniqueCopper print


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