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Karte von Amerika

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Artist Reilly (1766-1820)
Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly (1766 - 1820) Vienna. He was an Austrian and produced over 830 maps for his great atlas project, -Schauplatz der funf Theile der Welt- between the years 1789 and 1806. Of these 830 maps published over this time span of seventeen years, he 'showcased' but one part of the world, Europe. Maps of the other four continents remained unpublished. The maps of the Schauplatz ...were drawn to a uniform criteria. Reilly's Grosser deutscher Atlas was also notable as the first completely 'Austrian' atlas. This large world atlas, containing relatively few maps, was issued between 1794 and the end of 1796. Reilly may have used Franz Anton Schraembl's work as his model, at least in part.
Title Karte von Amerika
Year ca. 1795
Description map of America with 3 detail maps
Place of Publication Vienne
Dimensions (cm)59 x 76
ConditionSome foldsed at three sides
TechniqueCopper print


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