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Comites Tirolenses. Sereniss. Maximiliano Austriae..

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Artist Albizzi (1547-1626)
Antonio Albizzi (1547 - 1626 ). Writer, jurist and genealogist from a noble Florentine family. Albizzi was born in Florence. Little is known about his life. In 1576 he was in the service of Cardinal Archduke Andrew of Austria. In 1585 he converted to Lutheranism. From 1608 he spent the rest of his life in the Protestant imperial city of Kempten (Bavaria), where he died in 1626.
Title Comites Tirolenses. Sereniss. Maximiliano Austriae..
Year ca. 1626
Description Family tree of cout of Tyrol.
The name Austria is first handed down in its Old High German form Ostarrichi from the year 996. The Latin form Austria was also used. In 1156 Austria became an independent duchy in the Holy Roman Empire. After the Babenbergs died out in 1246, the House of Habsburg prevailed in the struggle for rule in Austria. The area designated as Austria later included the entire Habsburg Monarchy and later the Austrian Empire, which was constituted in 1804, and the Austrian half of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy established in 1867. The present republic came into being in 1918.
Place of Publication Strassburg
Dimensions (cm)56 x 39
ConditionUpper external right corner perfectly restored
TechniqueCopper print


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