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Carte de la Turquie de l’Arabie et de la Perse,…

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Artist Buache (1700-1773)
Philippe Buache (1700-1773) was a French cartographer and geographer, and the pupil of Guillaume de l'Isle. He is best known for his Atlas physique of 1754. He hypothesised correctly about the existence of a southern continent, and contributed to geographical enquiry by devising the system of dividing the world according to seas and rivers. Jean-Claude Dezauche (c.1745-1824) was a French cartographer, engraver, and publisher. A continuator of Buache, and thus de l'Isle, Dezauche's work is often overlooked or misattributed. Dezauche acquired most of de l'Isle and Buache's stock in 1780, from Buache's nephew Jean-Nicolas, himself also an engraver and map-maker.
Title Carte de la Turquie de l’Arabie et de la Perse,…
Year dated 1776
Map depicts the former osman empire with Arabia, Persia and a decorativ cartouche.
Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)47,5 x 63
ConditionPerfect condition
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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