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Carta die Paesi sopra il Mare Meridionale da Panama a Guayquil.

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Artist Robertson (1721-1793)
William Robertson was a Scottish historian, minister in the Church of Scotland, and Principal of the University of Edinburgh.The thirty years during which presided over the University perhaps represent the highest point in its history. Robertson is more probably known for his historical writings. He one of the first members of the exclusive literary debating society, The Poker Club (1762-1784), established by Allan Ramsay which also had Hume, Smith, Kames, Home, Blair, and Carlyle as members. Robertson presented several papers to the society. He took a great interest in the development of 'proper' English and had formed a club, while at University, to study elocution in preparation for various debates. His clear literary style lead him to begin translating the Meditationsof Marcus Aurelius and he reached Book 8 before putting it aside to concentrate on the ministry. He returned to literary pursuits by writing the History of Scotland (1759). This was a work that brought him to the notice of the writers of the day, and set the standard of historical works for the next hundred years. This was followed by equally important works covering America and India; in fact he was the first to attempt a systematic world history. Robertson's modern approach to history led to one his greatest accolades, that of the office of Historiographer Royal for Scotland. Books by William Robertson The History of Scotland 1542-1603 History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V (1769) (4 vols.) The Situation of the World at the Time of Christ's Appearance (sermon) (1775) The History of America(1777, 1796) (3 vols.)
Title Carta die Paesi sopra il Mare Meridionale da Panama a Guayquil.
Year ca. 1777
Decorative map depicts the north western part of Southamerica with Colombia and Panama.
Nice and decorative cartouche.
Dimensions (cm)36 x 23,5
ConditionSome folds
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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