A large draught of the south part of Borneo

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A large draught of the south part of Borneo


Map shows the south eartern part of Borneo with Bandjerasin and the island Laut


ca. 1703



Historical Description

From the 15th to the 17th century, parts of Borneo were ruled by the Malay Sultanate of Brunei. Then the northern part of the island was controlled by the Malay Sultanate of Sulu (1473-1899), later the North Borneo Chartered Company gained power. The areas that belonged to the Sultanate of Brunei came under the rule of the British Brooke dynasty as Sarawak.In the early 19th century, British and Dutch colonists made an agreement according to which they exchanged trading ports for one another. The eastern part of Borneo became a Dutch colony, the western part came under British rule. China then established trade with Borneo, sometimes deep inland.

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